Breaking News: MOD responds to BBC Today Programme Tuesday 19 May

This morning the BBC's Today Programme features a report on allegations about sexual harassment in Armed Forces. Here's our position on the key issues.

An MOD spokesperson said:

Rape and sexual assault are abhorrent crimes which have no place in the Armed Forces. We absolutely do not tolerate offences of this kind and every reported incident of rape, sexual assault or harassment is thoroughly investigated.


It is important to note that there is no evidence to suggest that rates of sexual offending in the Armed Forces are higher than in the broader population. However, we recognise the great courage it takes to come forward and report a sexual offence which is precisely why we have extensive support in place for those affected, including helplines, training programmes and awareness campaigns.


In addition, The Army has established a Sexual Offences Prevention Working Group to both reduce incidents of sexual assault and improve support to victims.


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