Defence in the media: Tuesday 8 May 2018

Today’s defence related news includes coverage of the Defence Secretary’s op-ed in the Telegraph and his interview with The Australian.

Defence Secretary op-ed in the Telegraph

Writing in the Telegraph to commemorate VE day, the Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson reflects upon the achievements that the UK has made since, by building alliances across the world, from NATO to the Commonwealth and the UK-US partnership. As part of this, the Defence Secretary touches upon the UK’s role post Brexit, calling it a pivotal moment not just in our history but also for our future and references the on-going issue around the UK’s participation in the EU Galileo satellite programme, saying that there is an abundance of opportunity for us to take advantage of, through seeking new partnerships with countries such as Japan, South Korea and Australia. The Defence Secretary also refers to the recent launch of the Combat Air Strategy as an exciting programme that will underpin the combat aerospace sector for a generation and that new markets will be explored with all options to be considered.

As part of this, the Telegraph also published a separate article on the Galileo satellite programme, drawing upon the Defence Secretary’s op-ed.

Defence Secretary interview with The Australian

The Australian reports that the Defence Secretary has said that the UK’s exit from the EU will draw it closer to Australia in defence and security co-operation.  In the interview, the Defence Secretary states that Brexit would “shift the way we do defence industry collaboration” and spoke in support of BAE Systems bid to win the $35 billion contract to build Australia’s nine new anti-submarine frigates. The interview also focused on the close military partnership between the UK and Australia with the Defence Secretary saying that Australia is one of the few countries that you would feel comfortable with commanding and leading British forces and went on to refer to the role that both countries have played in Syria and in degrading Daesh.

Image of the day

Aflie Warren (5) gets to grips with his dad'’s medals! Corporal Andrew Warren and son Alfie are from Edinburgh. The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards received their UN Cyprus Medals on Friday 4th May 1130 at Leuchars Station.