Defence in the media: Sunday 2 September 2018

Today’s defence-related news includes coverage of RAF medic Charlotte Thompson-Edgar and shipwrecks in the Far East.

Interview with RAF medic Charlotte Thompson-Edgar

The Sun on Sunday carries a positive feature in which both RAF medic Charlotte Thompson-Edgar and Afghan war casualty Mark Ormrod who had to have three limbs amputated, are interviewed and reunited ten years after she saved his life in Afghanistan. The piece explores how Mark has rebuilt his life since his injuries including competing in the Invictus Games, getting married and becoming a motivational speaker.


The Mail On Sunday continues its reporting on the disturbance of British warships, sunk in the South China Sea during the Second World War.

An MOD Spokesperson said:

We absolutely condemn the unauthorised disturbance of wrecks containing human remains. Military wrecks should remain undisturbed so that those who lost their lives can rest in peace. We are actively working with the Governments of Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as local authorities, on a plan of appropriate protection and management, so military wrecks remain undisturbed.

Veterans and PTSD

The Sunday People reports that Princess Diana’s former bodyguard and former Military Police Officer has confessed he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder while guarding her and Princes William and Harry.

A Government spokesperson said:

We encourage anyone, serving or veteran, to access the wide range of support available for individuals struggling with their mental health. The MOD has increased its spending on mental health to £22 million a year, set up a 24/7 Military Mental Health Helpline and continues to tackle any perceived stigma around talking about mental health issues. Veterans can access specialist medical support from the NHS and the wide range of service charities which the MOD works closely with.

Conditions at Army barracks

The Mail On Sunday reports on conditions at an Army barracks in Tidworth.

An MOD spokesperson said:

Rats were reported in the Junior Ranks Bar at the headquarters of 1 Regt RLC on 21 August. Immediate action was taken and contractors are currently working to eradicate them from the building. The extermination process is expected to last three weeks, during this time meals are being provided at another nearby site as a safety precaution.

Warcop Range

The Observer reports on the MOD’s application to deregister land near the Warcop Training Area

An MOD spokesman said:

We are not proposing to restrict public access in any way and have no plans to sell the land. We have applied to de register land at Warcop Training Area to safeguard the MOD’s ability to train.

Image of the day

Image of Able Seaman (Mine Warfare) Josh Bertman, down on one knee to propose to girlfriend Hazel Staunton who had travelled from Doncaster for the homecoming of HMS Bangor.

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