Defence in the media: Tuesday 3 October 2017

This morning’s defence related news includes reports of British soldiers on leave providing first aid to victims of the shooting in Las Vegas.

British troops in Las Vegas

The Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and Daily Record have reported that soldiers from the Queen’s Dragoon Guards provided first aid to victims of the shooting in Las Vegas. The soldiers were on leave in the city following an exercise in California.

An Army spokesperson said:

We can confirm that a number of serving personnel from 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards provided assistance to the wounded following the heinous shooting in Las Vegas.  Our thoughts go out to those affected by this terrible act.

Former Commander General Sir Richard Barrons Letter

 The Times, The Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail have covered a letter written by Former Commander General Sir Richard Barrons to the Prime Minister calling for greater funding for the Armed Forces.

A Government spokesperson said:

Backed by a rising defence budget and £178 billion equipment plan, this Government is investing in our national security. As the second largest defence spender in NATO and the biggest in Europe, Britain is a leading defence power with capabilities to match.

We recognise the evolving threats we face which is why we have put in place a plan for more ships and planes, alongside greater spending on special forces and investment in stealth aircraft, nuclear submarines and cyber technology.

Defence in the Media

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