Defence in the media: Sunday 3 June 2018

Today’s defence related news includes coverage of the Defence Secretary’s visit to Singapore and security vetting.

Defence Secretary in Singapore

The Scotland on Sunday in a wider piece on a speech by US Defence Secretary James Mattis at the conference in Shangri-La reports on the Defence Secretary’s comments at the conference, saying that “Britain’s military will continue monitoring North Korean vessels suspected of carrying prohibited goods”. The paper reports that he also added that the prosperity and security of the region is important for Britain’s security and that British warships have been deployed in waters near Japan to police UN Security Council sanctions.

Security vetting forms

The Sunday Times incorrectly reports that a former MOD employee’s security vetting forms were leaked as part of a court case against the individual.

A UK Security Vetting spokesperson said:

All data gathered through the vetting process is strictly controlled and is managed in accordance with UK Data Protection Legislation. Certain provisions exist under the Data Protection Act 1998 which means that vetting data can be requested by the appropriate authorities for the prevention and detection of crime and the prosecution or apprehension of offenders.

Scottish shipyards

The Sunday Herald reports on the GMB union’s comments on Scotland’s shipbuilding industry.

An MOD spokesperson said:

The UK wants to agree an ambitious future relationship with the EU and we are committed to working together amid a climate of intensifying threats.

With the largest defence budget in Europe, and all of our warships being built in the United Kingdom, securing thousands of jobs and 20 years of work on the Clyde, we are witnessing a renaissance in national shipbuilding. Since 2010 this Government has invested more than £6 billion in shipbuilding in the UK, securing thousands of jobs. While in 2018-19 we expect to spend in excess of £750M supporting the fleet.

Army HQ gender neutral toilets

The Sun on Sunday reports that toilets at Army headquarters are gender-neutral and that “Ladies” and “Gentlemen” signs have been removed as part of an equality drive across the military.

An Army spokesperson said:

We provide a range of toilet facilities for our personnel

Image of the day

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson speaks to media aboard HMS Sutherland, which is currently alongside in Singapore