Defence in the media: Wednesday 6 June 2018

Today’s defence related news focuses on the anticipated arrival of the F-35s and the UK’s defence relationship with the EU.


 The Times, Daily Mirror, Mirror Online, Daily Telegraph, The Sun, Daily Express & Mail Online all cover the expected arrival on the F-35 in the UK.

An RAF spokesperson said:

 Our F-35s are ahead of schedule and can fly in all weather conditions when they need to. Flying these aircraft to the UK is subject to normal peacetime weather decisions and, with there being no rush, we are simply considering flight safety by waiting for better conditions.

UK defence relationship with EU

The Financial Times report on the EU’s Galileo programme. The Daily Telegraph also reports on the UK’s wider defence relationship with the EU.

A UK Space Agency spokesperson said:

As a founding member, the UK is fully committed to a strong, collaborative and independent European Space Agency.

We host much of Europe’s cutting-edge space capabilities and are playing a major role in EU Space programmes such as Galileo. The Government wants this to continue, provided the UK and its industry can take part on a fair and open basis.


Image of the day

Image of Algerian fishermen, stranded in the Mediterranean sea. Seen here with HMS Duncan's seaboat approaching the men.