Defence in the media: Thursday 13 September 2018

Today’s Defence-related news includes coverage on the fight against Daesh in Syria and investigations into veterans who fought in Northern Ireland.

Campaign against Daesh

Major General Felix Gedney, who has just completed a year as Deputy Commander of the US-led coalition against Daesh, spoke to reporters yesterday about the progress being made against the terror group.

Maj Gen Gedney stated that the territory that Daesh once controlled in Iraq and Syria would soon be liberated, but warned that greater efforts were still needed to stabilise the region. His comments were also picked up by BBC Radio 4 and online by the Express, Press Association, Independent and BFBS.

Major General Felix Gedney said:

We have caused huge damage to the leadership of Daesh and we have crushed much of it. But we have not destroyed Daesh totally and the terrorist threat remains in Syria, Iraq and in our country.

Northern Ireland veterans

The Sun, Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail all continue to report on investigations into soldiers who fought in Northern Ireland, some of which stretch back decades. This morning’s articles stem from an issue raised during Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons yesterday.

A Government spokesperson said:

It is only due to the courageous efforts of our security forces that we have the relative peace and stability that Northern Ireland enjoys today. We are now consulting on new legacy institutions to improve the current system and ensure that there is no unfair and disproportionate focus on former members of the Armed Forces and police officers. The welfare of our personnel and veterans is of the utmost importance and we provide legal and pastoral support to any veteran who requires it.

The Defence Secretary has also launched a new team within the MOD to consider concerns over whether serving and former personnel are receiving the legal protection they deserve and will look at options to address any issues identified.

Image of the day

RFA Mounts Bay on standby in the Caribbean as Storm Isaac made its way towards the region.
RFA Mounts Bay on standby in the Caribbean as Storm Isaac made its way towards the region. Crown copyright.

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