Defence in the Media: Tuesday 27 November 2018

Today’s defence-related news includes coverage of a new documentary about HMS Duncan, and a successful Royal Navy drugs bust.

Channel 5 documentary - ‘Warship: Life At Sea’

Channel 5 last night ran the first episode of a four-part documentary on HMS Duncan and her crew deploying to the Black Sea. Various media followed up on the episode, including the Daily Express, The Scotsman, The Telegraph and The Sun, which reported on Russian fighter jets ‘buzzing’ the ship during its deployment.

Coverage includes comments from Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson, and Commodore Mike Utley.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

Over the past year, HMS Duncan and her crew have embodied the key role the UK plays in NATO. As NATO flagship, she has faced down brazen Russian hostility in the Black Sea with jets buzzing overhead, been stalked by Russian spy ships and played a vital role protecting NATO allies during the British, American and French strikes against Syrian chemical weapons facilities.

Through her deployment, this world leading ship and her crew epitomised the nation we are going to be as we exit the EU – a truly Global Britain which is outward-looking and engaged on the world stage.

Royal Navy drugs bust

The Daily Mail, Daily Record, Glasgow Herald, Independent and The Sun all reported on HMS Dragon’s seizure of three tonnes of cannabis after intercepting a boat in the Gulf. Coverage includes comments from the ship’s crew and Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson. The Mail noted that the drugs raid has been described by the MOD as “a major blow to the funding of terrorism”.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

Alongside keeping key shipping channels safe, countering piracy and providing disaster relief, the Royal Navy makes a significant contribution to global security by tackling the illicit drugs trade. The success of HMS Dragon’s seizure is the latest blow struck to this nefarious industry.

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