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Defence in the media

Defence in the media: Sunday 2nd June 2019

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Today’s defence related media coverage includes widespread reporting on D-Day.

D-Day Commemorations

Ahead of the series of commemorative events marking the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings this week, there is widespread reporting in this morning’s papers on the event. The Telegraph highlights that the commemorations will see the largest gathering of world leaders, hosted by the UK and outside a formal summit, since the Olympics. Several national papers include features on the events of the D-Day Landings, carrying accounts from those involved. The Observer tells the story of two veterans’ experiences of the D-Day landings ahead of their journey back to Normandy this week, while the Sunday Express features a wide collection of first-hand accounts of the events of the landings as they unfolded as part of their “Forgotten Voices of D-Day” series. The Sunday People also features the experiences of veterans who, now in their 90s, recall the events of 75 years ago.

Prime Minister Theresa May said:

This week, people throughout Britain will pay tribute to the men and women who gave their lives during D-Day and for the liberation of Europe in World War Two.

This year’s commemoration will be particularly poignant and I am honoured to be able to mark the 75th anniversary of the landings alongside the veterans who were there.

It is the sheer scale of D-Day that made it such an awe-inspiring feat. Troops from around the world fought together with a common goal and with a shared ideal.

And so it is right that together we reflect on and celebrate the cooperation that helped to secure the freedom we cherish today.

Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt said:

It is the government’s hope that D-Day75 leaves a lasting legacy and provides an opportunity for people young and old to reflect on the achievements and sacrifice of our Second World War generation. Over the next few days it will be a privilege for us all to learn more of these extraordinary men and women.

Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre 

Mail on Sunday in a double page spread, claims that only service personnel can receive treatment at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre.

An MOD spokesperson said:

While Stanford Hall’s primary purpose is to treat injured military personnel, former service personnel can be referred to the facility by the NHS.

A number of veterans have been treated at Stanford Hall, and its predecessor Headley Court, over the last few years.

The NHS is currently consulting on establishing a centre of excellence for civilian patients, which would include veterans, at Stanford Hall.

Drug testing

The Mail on Sunday reports this morning that three submariners from HMS Vengeance have failed a Compulsory Drugs Test (CDT) after the vessel visited a US military port in Florida.

A Royal Navy spokesperson said:

The MOD has a zero tolerance drugs policy and will not tolerate misuse of drugs by service personnel in any form or at any time. Any personnel caught taking drugs will be discharged.

Image of the day

HRH Princess Anne with British Troops in Estonia
Image of HRH Princess Anne, seen here with British troops in Estonia last week.
Operation CABRIT is the name of the UK operational deployment to Estonia where British troops are leading a multinational battlegroup in support of NATO.
UK Armed Forces have a leading role in NATO's enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) in the Baltic States in order to enhance security and reassure our allies.

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