Defence in the media: Saturday 11 February 2017

Today’s defence related coverage is dominated by the Defence Secretary’s announcement that IHAT will close by the summer.


The Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon’s announcement that IHAT will close by the summer is widely covered across all the newspapers, including in The Times, The Daily Mail which carries the Defence Secretary’s Op-Ed, The Financial Times, The Daily Mirror, The Independent and The Telegraph.

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said:

It was the MOD that supplied the main evidence that got Phil Shiner struck off for making false allegations against our Armed Forces. Exposing his dishonesty means many more claims he made can now be thrown out and the beginning of the end for IHAT. This will be a relief for our soldiers who have had allegations hanging over them for too long. Now we are taking action to stop such abuse of our legal system from happening again.

Chief of the General Staff General Sir Nicholas Carter, said:

The Army's Leadership Code requires the highest values and standards. It is right therefore that on the occasions that there are credible allegations of unacceptable behaviour they should be investigated. However, a significant number of claims made against our soldiers have not been credible. The recent exposure of unscrupulous law firms and vexatious claims has clearly shown this to be the case.

Mutual trust is at the heart of the Army Leadership Code as is the care of soldiers and their families. We therefore welcome the Government's commitment to ensuring we have the Nations confidence and the tools to do our jobs effectively on operations, free from the burden of unjust litigation.

Heating in military barracks

The Daily Telegraph reports on conditions in military barracks.

An MOD spokesperson said:

At no point have personnel been without access to hot water or heating as alternative arrangements have been provided within the barracks. It’s vital that our personnel have high quality living and working accommodation. That’s why the MoD is investing over £4bn to create a better estate.

Defence Secretary Cyprus visit 

The Daily Record reports that the Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon yesterday described the UK’s military bases in Cyprus as “more important than ever” as he made an official visit to the island. He said coalition forces will aim to strike the “decisive blow” against the Daesh this year, adding that two million people in Iraq have already been liberated from Daesh rule. The also hailed the “larger role” the Mediterranean island was playing in safeguarding the region.

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said:

Britain is stepping up its global role and Cyprus is a key partner in promoting European security and stability. We have now committed to strengthen our defence partnership with greater co-operation in areas such as counter terrorism, maritime security, and crisis response.

You can read more about the visit here.

Image of the day

Russian Blackjack aircraft photographed earlier this week after being intercepted by RAF Typhoons
Russian Blackjack aircraft photographed earlier this week after being intercepted by RAF Typhoons

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