Defence in the media: 18 April 2017

Today’s defence news includes at British soldiers deploying to Sudan and the temporary closure of the Ascension Island Runway

British Soldiers to South Sudan

The Daily Mail reports 300 soldiers will deploy to South Sudan as part of a UN Peacekeeping Mission to help stave off the growing refugee crisis there.

Minister of State for the Armed Forces Mike Penning said:

Hundreds of UK personnel are stepping up to support the UN’s peacekeeping mission in South Sudan with specialist engineering and medical skills. This mission, along with others in the region, aims to end destabilising conflict that is prompting migration and shows how Britain works globally to promote security. 

Ascension Island Runway

The Daily Telegraph writes that the Ascension Island Runway has been temporary closed and that engineers are working to get it open again as soon as possible. The article reports that flights from the Falklands, which use the Ascension Island Runway as a layover, are expected to resume as early this Friday but will be rerouted via west Africa instead of Ascension Island.

An MOD spokesperson said:  

As part of on-going monitoring of the state of repair of the Ascension Island runway, we have made the decision to not fly the Voyager aircraft to Ascension for our routine flight from April 14. We will ensure the continuation of military support to the Falkland Islands through an alternative hub, and are working with the Foreign Office to put temporary measures in place to support the people who live and work on Ascension Island and in the Falklands.

Image of the Day

Two children wave union jacks to welcome home HMS Enterprise back to the UK after it's epic 35 month deployment around the world.

Two children wave Union Jacks while welcoming the HMS Enterprise back to the UK after it's epic 35 month deployment