Defence in the Media: Tuesday 18 September 2018

Defence news today includes further reporting on the MOD's development of leading drone and robot technology to test for chemical agents.

Project Minerva

The Western Daily Press and The Times covered the trialling of a fleet of drones and robots that are being developed to test for the presence of nerve agents. The reports include the involvement of scientists from the Defence Science and Technology Laboratories, who have designed the technology to keep emergency services at a safe distance from the scene of incidents such as the nerve agent attack earlier this year.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

Following the reckless nerve agent attack in Salisbury this year, we have seen the bravery and professionalism of our Armed Forces, emergency services and MOD scientists. They have worked tirelessly to investigate and clean up deadly contaminated areas. This project will ensure we stay at the forefront of dealing with such heinous attacks, whether on our streets or on foreign battlefields. We are investing millions in this pioneering technology to do more to protect those who so fearlessly protect us.

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Lagarie Children's Home

BBC Scotland aired a programme on allegations of physical and sexual abuse of former residents of the Lagarie children's home.

An MOD spokesperson said:

We would encourage anyone who thinks they have been a victim of sexual abuse, or knows someone who might have been, to report it to the police.

Image of the Day

Project Minerva tests cutting-edge robots and drones at DSTL, Porton Down. Crown copyright.


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